Shayla Woodruff, Secretary-Treasurer

Shayla Woodruff is Shareholder, Senior Executive Vice-President and Secretary-Treasurer. Ms. Woodruff is an experienced administrative, education and finance professional.  She attended the University of North Carolina at Greensboro where she completed some coursework in Mathematics. Prior to joining Guess & Co. Corporation, Ms. Woodruff was Senior Corporate Vice-President and Special Secretary-Treasurer for a privately held holding company. In that role, she was responsible for corporate affairs and developing banking relationships for the company. Ms. Woodruff has also been a teacher for a charter school and a financial administrator.  As Senior Executive Vice-President, Ms. Woodruff works with the senior executive management team to oversee the operations of the Company. She also oversees contract administration for subsidiaries of Guess & Co. Corporation. Ms. Woodruff handles corporate administration and treasury management for the Company, and works closely with the Chief Financial Officer to maintain financial records. Ms. Woodruff directly supports the Board of Directors by preparing and managing corporate records.